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Across South Asia - ASA Discourse #1

Amrit Pyala: Exploring Sufi and Bhakti Traditions in Pakistan
At 6pm, Wed - March 6, 2024 | Location: Nextdoor Patan

In Sindh, Pakistan, oral tradition is abundant, endless, inexhaustible. Bhajans and kalaams are sung every day, in village satsangs, in darbars, at religious festivals, at death anniversaries of saints. Amrit Pyala is a project of paying witness to this rich tradition of poetry and song; of paying witness to the stories and metaphors of this sacred land.

In this intimate talk, Ahmed Hassan Khan will share reflections on how his initial fascination with folktales and oral traditions  - to seek spiritual understanding of life - has fostered a growing passion to explore wider conversations on religious syncretism these traditions offer in the context of divisions that plague our countries in the form of caste, class, and religious tensions. 

Sufi and Bhakti oral tradition is a river that cannot be caught—never fully. This Wed, on March 6th, join us in a gathering to witness “chand katre”—some drops of this surging, thrilling, & threatening river. 

For RSVP or queries, please contact +977 9843241490 (WhatsApp only)


@amritpyala is a collaboration between two friends @ahmed_hasan_khan and @saraswatibythesea, both based in Pakistan.

Across South Asia is a series of discourses that bring together sub-continental voices to understand interwoven realities of everyday life, including but not limited to faith, folklore, and food. ASA Discourses are led by @sustainmyability, hosted by @travel.nextdoor, and promoted by @nepalitravellers

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