SWO-YATRA 2019 is the Solo Woman Travel Challenge 2019.

Solo Woman Travel Challenge is a travel grant competition that facilitates solo women travellers in Nepal to explore expansive natural landscape and diverse cultural heritages of the country. Between 2015 to 2018, we have supported 42 Nepali women in their solo travels of discovery within Nepal. Besides providing grants and travel support, we use our platform to bring forth discourses on travel, gender, and risks. Be a part of this incredible conversation!


Nepali women receive less equity of opportunities, which negatively affect life experiences and accomplishments in homes and workplaces. This discrimination further trap most women from making bold decisions and creating independent ambitions.

To break this trap, we need visible role models who push social conventions and live a life of intention and adventure in all types of careers. This is why, with Solo Woman Travel Challenge, we support strong, dynamic, and charismatic women to defy the norm and set their own standards. In a society, and largely the world, that tells young girls that they cannot, we want to champion women who believe they can.

Our approach for such empowerment is SOLO TRAVEL – an introspective, experiential journey of courage and discovery. We believe that wisdom cannot be learnt; it has to be gained from personal experiences of triumphs and misadventures. Solo Travel inspires confidence and builds character. Solo Travel enhances ability to create, curate, and connect. We are the only platform in Nepal that provides travel grants for solo woman travel! We wish there were more.